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WELLinsulated Insulated Makeup Bags

WELLinsulated® is the new beauty and wellness essential that solves a problem you might not have been aware you had: 

Extreme temperatures, moisture and UV rays can destroy your beloved beauty products, tech devices and medication, weakening the active ingredients or worse.

Why Insulate: Beauty Products?

Turns out, where we store our beauty products makes a huge difference.

Heat is the #1 enemy of makeup and skincare, separating ingredients, destabilizing your beauty products and even rendering them useless. Humidity can crack your pressed powders, while sunlight can oxidize formulas, weaken active ingredients and cause formulas to go bad. Think it can’t get any worse? The FDA warns, “Heat can make preservatives break down and cause bacteria and fungi to grow faster.”

You have to be even more careful with natural beauty products, according to dermatologists and cosmetic manufacturers. The more preservatives the product has, the more heat-stable and bacteria-resistant it will be. So while paraben-free formulas are a great clean beauty option, if not stored correctly, they can become toxic.

You love your beauty products.  Let us help you protect them.

Storing your beauty products in an insulated makeup bag is the ideal cool, dry place—and it’s travel-friendly! Our first-of-its-kind WELLinsulated® Beauty Bag helps protect against extreme temperatures, sunlight and moisture, ensuring your beauty products retain the power of their ingredients and work the way they’re supposed to work.


Why Insulate: Sunscreen?

Ironically, sunscreen is one of the most delicate formulas in a personal care arsenal, and exposure to heat and sun (like sitting out on your beach towel or in your golf bag) can cause it to start breaking down before you’ve had a chance to apply it.  

Don’t get burned by ineffective SPF. 

Your sunscreen starts using up its UV-fighting powers anytime it’s exposed to sunlight—whether it's on your skin, or still in the bottle. According to dermatologists, when SPF is exposed to the sun for over two hours, it begins to oxidize and lose its ability to coat your skin evenly, leaving you unprotected and directly exposed to UV rays. Plus, the hot sun beating down on the bottle may melt the plastic and introduce toxic particles into the sunscreen formula.

The safe sunscreen solution.

We created WELLinsulated® with your sunscreen and other beach essentials protection in mind. But don’t let the name fool you. Our bags are endlessly versatile, sized just right to fit all your beach, travel, or everyday essentials.


Why Insulate: Tech Devices?

Whether you’re texting with loved ones, answering work emails or making an emergency call, you depend on your technology to perform at the swipe of your finger. But according to Apple, your devices are designed for peak performance between 62º-72ºF, and anything higher than 95ºF can permanently damage the battery. And nothing will destroy your iPhone faster than humidity and moisture invading its space, making it susceptible to corrosion. Keeping your electronics in a dry place ensures optimal performance, and prevents them from powering off at the most inconvenient times.

The tech case reimagined.

Because “unplugging” whenever the temperature plummets or soars is unrealistic, we created our first-of-its-kind Insulated Pouch to protect against extreme temperatures and moisture so your electronics are powered up and ready to use whenever you need them. We thoughtfully designed all our cases to fit your smartphone, and our tech pouches are perfectly sized to hold your iPad (or doubles as a chic clutch).

WELLinsulated’s® triple-walled insulation not only protects your electronics from extreme temperatures, it also provides cushioning to protect your electronics from bumps and scratches. Every WELLinsulated bag has a waterproof zipper - helping to keep things dry so your tech products are safe from damage to their delicate circuitry, and ready to showcase their smarts.

Why Insulate: Medication, Vitamins + Supplements?

There’s no supplement for safe storage.

Read the fine print on your vitamin or medication bottle and you’ll notice it needs to be stored in a cool dry place and kept away from direct sunlight. But in trying to make health and wellness a top priority in our non-stop schedules, we often keep our medication where it’s convenient: tossed in our everyday bag or suitcases.

The temperatures and humidity levels in these non-climate controlled environments can wreak havoc on sensitive formulas like antibiotics, allergy alleviators and protein-based birth control—weakening their potency or making them worthless. As for those pricey probiotics? Even occasional exposure to heat and moisture can render them useless, killing the organisms that made you want to take them in the first place. So much for making your health a high priority!

Make sure your wellness routine works. 

The most effective way to keep medicine and supplements at their most powerful? Stow them away from extreme temperatures, light and humidity. The triple-layered insulated lining in each WELLinsulated® bag blocks out sunlight and works hard to keep things cool, so your medicine and supplements retain their power to keep you healthy. And, because each WELLinsulated bag has a waterproof zipper, it helps them stay dry—so your medicine is protected from mold, bacteria and an early expiration date.



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