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How to Germ-Proof Your Makeup Bag

Our makeup bags often aren’t top of mind in fighting the spread of germs, but studies have shown they can carry up to 10,000 types of bacteria - making an everyday accessory dirtier than the average toilet!

With COVID-19 we have all been super focus on staying well. Did you know that, according to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 can stay on surfaces up to a few days? We’ve put together some helpful hints for germ-proofing your makeup bag and keeping you (and your products) safe from harm.

4 Ways to Germ-Proof Your Makeup Bag to Prevent the Spread of Germs, Bacteria & Coronavirus


Tip #1: When It Comes To Germs, Not All Makeup Bags Are Created Equal

First thing’s first: When it comes to the materials our everyday bags are made of, not all materials are created equal. Leather, nylon and fabric are porous materials, making them the perfect materials for dirt and bacteria to latch onto and thrive—not to mention the embarrassment of pulling out a dirty, gross looking bag when you need to reapply your lipstick.

To protect yourself against unwanted germs, choose a makeup bag that is made of nonporous materials, like our WELLinsulated® bags and cases. Our aluminum lining and mylar exterior resists bacteria from latching on, and can be easily wiped clean. Making it easy to keep them looking their best and giving you peace of mind that harmful germs are not hiding below the surface.


Tip #2: Get Into the Habit of Wiping Down Your Portable Cosmetics

We often don’t think about the last time we washed our hands when we reapply our lipstick, mascara or smooth on hand cream.  But our mouths, eyes and hands are the parts of the body most likely to pass on the COVID-19 virus and get us sick, so it’s super important to be diligent about keeping our beauty products clean. Wipe each product down individually—and frequently—and make sure they’re dry before putting them back inside your (clean) beauty bag.

Non-porous Makeup Bag. Easy to clean and sanitize.

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Tip #3: Always Place Your Beauty Products Inside a Makeup Bag Before Dropping Them Into Your Handbag

We put all sorts of things in our handbags that are covered in germs and bacteria – cell phones, water bottles, and that extra pair of shoes. Keeping the beauty products that touch our face separated from the rest of stuff we are toting helps to minimize the chances of cross-contamination.

This goes for your cell phone, too! Our best selling Performance Pouch doubles as the perfect organizer inside your handbag. Toss in your phone, medications or beauty products for extra protection and organization—just make sure they’re wiped down first.

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Tip #4: Keep It Clean and Keep It Simple

The easiest way to remove germs or any trace of the coronavirus is by cleaning your handbag and makeup bag, but there’s no need for harsh chemicals. They will damage the coating of almost any accessory, let alone the harmful impact these chemicals can have on your health!

Instead, keep it simple. Use 70% alcohol — it's safe for all your beauty products and accessories. Wipe inside, outside and along the zipper, too, since putting clean cosmetics back in a dirty bag won’t keep them germ-free for long.

And remember – not all materials are created equal! Unless you plan on machine washing your fabric or nylon makeup bag, opt for a non-porous bag like WELLinsulated®. Our aluminum lining and mylar exterior not only resists bacteria from latching on, but these materials are also much easier to keep clean and looking like new.




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