Our Founder's Story

I never knew that some of my favorite products – like my Vitamin C serum and retinol – lose their effectiveness quickly if not stored correctly. Like many women, I didn’t know that the absolute worst place we can store products is exactly where we are putting them: in our bathrooms, where the exposure to humidity and temperature fluctuations can make the preservatives break down quickly, causing the active ingredients to expire and making the products basically worthless.

Sunscreen is another product that can be very unstable when not stored properly, and the health risks of wearing expired sunscreen are severe. To think: Even when we are diligently applying it, our sunscreen could be leaving us completely unprotected from the sun's damaging rays if we’ve left it sitting in our beach tote or makeup bag too long. We spend a ton of money on – and time researching – what beauty products to buy, but all of that is a waste if these products stop being effective after a few months; even worse, they might be breeding harmful bacteria due to bad storage conditions.

One summer weekend when I was on vacation in Charleston, SC, the need for a solution really became clear. I was at the rooftop pool with my travel bag full of expensive products sitting in the 100 degree heat, and I realized I was going to have to throw them out because the exposure to heat and humidity had ruined them! I started looking for an insulated bag to keep them cool and all I could find were cheap lunch bags or huge coolers. There was nothing sleek, fashionable and technical enough to meet my need. And so the idea for WELLinsulated was born.

About Us

We have seen so many advancements in the things we use everyday – from electronics to beauty formulas – even our suitcases have built-in technology. Why haven’t our makeup bags kept up?


There’s really no comparison between a WELLinsulated beauty bag and a typical makeup bag or organizer. Those options were designed simply to transport or stow products without thought of the technical needs and requirements for proper storage. Traditional makeup bags are also doing more harm than good: Standard fabric liners provide the optimal breeding ground for bacteria, are impossible to keep clean and the standard construction allows moisture to easily get trapped inside. 

Modern life requires we carry products with us: in our purses, in cars, in gym bags, in suitcases. We need a solution that not only safeguards them from temperature swings, humidity and light when stored at home, but is also functional on the go. This is where WELLinsulated comes in.


WELLinsulated beauty bags were designed from the ground up to provide our beauty and wellness products the protection they need, in a package that’s both beautiful and highly functional. Our bags are constructed with high-performance, technical materials, including multi-layer closed cell insulation that regulates temperature and prevents breakage; aluminum lining that resists bacteria and easily wipes clean; mylar exterior that blocks light; and waterproof zippers that keep moisture out, and any spills in.


It’s not just makeup and face creams that require special handling — health and wellness has become a central feature to our beauty routine. Our medicine cabinets are overflowing with supplements, vitamins, probiotics and medication that can lose efficacy if not stored correctly. The protein-based hormones in birth control pills and thyroid medication, for instance, are especially sensitive to high temperatures—anything above 77 degrees can cause them to expire faster, making them useless. Our WELLinsulated system of bags is an effective solution to protect all of our beauty and wellness investments.

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