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While retinoids are some of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients – they are also some of the most unstable: exposure to air, light and heat can render them useless. If you're investing the time and money to incorporate retinoids into your routine, follow these tips to make sure you’re protecting your investment properly! 

Sunscreen can expire long before its stated expiration date if you aren’t storing it properly, and what makes this so dangerous is that the only way you’ll know your sunscreen has expired early is a bad sunburn. Follow these tips to maximize the shelf life of your SPF.

If I could have had limitless resources and all of the time in the world, I still don’t think I would have dreamed up the genius makeup bags made by WELLinsulated®. Not only are they incredibly chic and beautiful, they’re the hardest working makeup bags you’ve ever seen.
Our makeup bags often aren’t top of mind in fighting the spread of germs, but studies have shown they can carry up to 10,000 types of bacteria - making an everyday accessory dirtier than the average toilet!
Where we store our beauty, wellness and tech investments matters. Yet traditional bags + organizers weren't giving them the protection they needed, which is where the idea behind WELLinsulated was born.
The bathroom’s volatile environment (constantly changing temperature, humidity) is anything but a friendly place to store your skincare and makeup. We’re exploring why bathrooms and beauty products don’t mix—and how best to care for them from now on. 
With the average woman spending $313 every month on beauty - protecting our investments is a step we can't afford to miss. 
A recent study shows this can cause a lot more than the occasional breakout: Bacteria hiding in our makeup bags could be making us sick.
While many of us wouldn’t think about leaving our phones in the blazing hot sunlight, we often forget how taxing the cold weather can be on our favorite pieces of technology. Learn how to maximize the shelf life of your phone during cold weather.

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