The Truth Behind That “Shelfie”: Why Bathrooms and Skincare Don’t Mix

Bathroom Makeup Storage

Ah, the shelfie. That gorgeously curated photo of a bathroom shelf full of enviable skincare and makeup products that we see in our feeds can inspire us to try a new product, organize our beauty haul or even delve into a bathroom redesign. But as much as we love a good product pic, the bathroom’s volatile environment is anything but a friendly place to store your skincare and makeup. We’re exploring why bathrooms and beauty products don’t mix—and how best to care for them from now on. 


Stressful Temperature Swings

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom with a window, you know how beneficial natural light can be for applying makeup or helping your plants to grow. But sunlight can drive up temperatures and expose your beauty products to UV light that can break down formulas, rendering them ineffective or ruined altogether. What’s more, hot showers that feel so relaxing on our skin can cause major stress on our skincare and makeup by increasing ambient room temps, only to have them fall again when the shower ends. This merry-go-round of temperatures rising, then falling, can wreak havoc on delicate formulas—and that’s money down the drain.

Harmful Humidity

Those warm morning showers or melt-the-day-away evening baths go a long way to helping us feel human again, but the humidity they generate in the bathroom can harm beauty products. How? There is nothing bacteria and mold love more than a warm, moist environment in which to breed. Anytime water condenses on a product—including makeup brushes or blending sponges—the opportunity for harmful growth increases. Add to that the fact that clean beauty products are often formulated without conventional preservatives to keep mold or bacteria at bay, and you’ve got items even more vulnerable to the negative effects of a humid environment. What’s more, powders like dry shampoo, setting powder or blushes and eyeshadows are also susceptible to becoming “cakey” from exposure to humidity, making them nearly impossible to enjoy.

Bye-Bye, Bathroom & Hello, Product-Saving Solution

While we are fully on board with making our lives easier, the convenience of keeping products in our bathroom cabinets or drawers just isn’t worth it. We go to great lengths to choose <i>just </i>the right things for our beauty arsenals—so exposing them to environmental elements that will ruin them just doesn’t make sense.

The good news? You don’t have to recreate your college days by carting a shower caddy back and forth to the bathroom. Instead, protecting your products while they’re in the bathroom is key to ensuring their longevity and safety—so we created our Insulated Train Case to be the “cool dry place” for safe product storage. With a high-tech insulated lining, moisture-absorbing pods and waterproof zipper, the case keeps light, moisture and heat out so you can protect your products within. An added bonus? The sleek, timeless design means it’s countertop—and shelf(ie)—worthy.


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